Out on the Common

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On Wednesday this week, Year 5 braved torrential rain to walk up to the Hawthorns Centre on the Common. As we are comparing the life cycles of different animals at the moment, we used it as an opportunity to learn all about British amphibians.

For the first forty-five minutes, we stayed indoors and learned about features that are common to all amphibians, such as the fact that they lay their eggs in water and have smooth skin that can dry out quickly. We also found out about some differences – for example, we learned that while frogs lay their spawn in clumps, toad spawn is laid in a line and newts wrap their eggs in leaves!

After that, we headed outside to find out about some of the places where amphibians can sometimes be found in the Common. We also learned some more fascinating facts about amphibians. For example, did you know that great crested newts are so protected, that not only can you not move them from their habitat, but it’s also illegal to take a photo of them without a licence?

We ended our trip by using natural resources to show something that we learned today. The picture here shows a newt made of leaves that some of us created.

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