Ten Pieces Week – Storm

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For Ten Pieces Week, Year 5 have been listening to ‘Storm’ by Benjamin Britten. It comes from the opera ‘Peter Grimes’, and is an orchestral interlude featuring thundering timpani and raging brass, which really help capture the idea of an angry sea during a thunderstorm.

On Monday afternoon, we worked in small groups to create our own pieces of music inspired by a storm. Using a mixture of musical instruments and body percussion, we composed pieces that started off quiet and gentle, but built up to a ferocious crescendo to represent the thunder, lightning and crashing waves.

On Wednesday, we worked together to make a large piece of collage artwork. Each of us made one panel of a picture of a sea in the storm, which combined together to make an impressive image!  We continued with the art theme later on in the week, painting pictures of a storm at sea using the impressionist style that we had been practising earlier in the term.

The piece of music also inspired some super diary writing. As the track played in the background, we worked together to build a bank of vocabulary that we could then use to help us with our writing. We tried hard to make the reader think we’d really been out on the ocean, and to capture the thrill of the stormy scene.

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