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We were delighted to welcome the Daily Echo to join with us in celebrating our new mosaics in the Infant Department. The mosaics were commissioned with artist, Rachel Evans, who visited the infants and worked with all of them in small groups so that every child could be part of this amazing art legacy. The Daily Echo will be publishing their report in this Monday’s Echo (2nd March 2015)

They have now been displayed on the Infant Building for everyone to enjoy and to create some curiosity in the community too! We were wondering what questions pedestrians may have when they see a giant racoon and rat on our building!

We will shortly be placing plaques to explain what the four animals represent for our learner values but here they are:

The Reciprocal Racoon values working well with others, the Resilient Rhino never gives up and loves a challenge, the Reflective Rabbit enjoys making a plan and learning from what she already knows and the Resourceful Rat can ask good questions and select resources independently for their learning. A VERY BIG THANKYOU TO THE HSA FOR FUNDING THIS ART LEGACY!



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