What happens when we eat food?

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That’s right ladies and gentlemen, as part of Science Week, Africa base and the other year 3/4 classes have been exploring the human digestive system!







Before we began science week, we were all asked by our teachers what we already knew, what we’d like to know, and how we would like to learn. When it came to the digestive system, we said we wanted to do some research using the internet, find out what happens to food when you eat it (including where puke and poo comes from), and to make a model of the human digestive system.





We didn’t realise that our teachers would get us to make a WORKING model! First of all we crunched up biscuits to simulate our teeth working to crunch up food inside our mouths. Then water was added, just like saliva, which starts the digestion process.







It was pretty disgusting, and this was only the beginning!





Then we cut up some banana with scissors, simulating our incisors cutting up food. We mashed it all together with more saliva. Yummy!



Swallow! We used our fingers to do the job of the tongue and push the food into the oesophagus.


Then we squeezed the food down the food pipe, just like the muscles inside our bodies do…




The oesophagus leads to the stomach, which is full of acid to break down the food even more.

The stomach is able to seal itself off to enable food to stay in there, if the muscle doesn’t seal for whatever reason, this can cause you to be sick!






The food then passes into the small intestine, where it is mixed with chemicals from the liver, pancreas and gall bladder. We used a pair of old tights as the intestine, and squeezed the food through. All of the liquid started coming through the tights! This was like the body absorbing all of the goodness from the food we eat, whilst the parts we cannot digest stay in the intestine.

We will remember this bit for the rest of our lives!!!




Finally, the large intestine absorbs the rest of the water and salt from the remaining food, which then passes into the colon as waste. Then, it gets squeezed out when we go to the toilet!


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