Science Week

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What a Science Week it’s been for Yr3/4 so far!

On Monday, we learnt about teeth so that we could name and recognise the different types and talk about their function. We had a visit from Dentist Seaman, who helped us learn why it’s important to look after teeth and how to look after them. We delved into our own mouths to identify whether our teeth were milk teeth/gaps/adult teeth and even worked out how many of each kind we had! The children found it really interesting and then embedded their learning by applying their understanding to a TASC wheel. They researched by themselves to find out: How are the teeth of herbivores and carnivores different? The children presented their outcomes in a variety of ways, while following the TASC wheel phases of learning. The children ‘communicated’ their learning to the class – some in the form of Powerpoint presentations which they presented, some produced posters, and some even did a news report!

On Tuesday, we learnt about skeletons and muscles…we met a real skeleton named Josephine too!

On Wednesday, we recreated the human digestive system! We crunched up the digestive biscuits and banana replicating the teeth’s function in this, added saliva and sent it down the oesophagus to the stomach. While in the stomach, bile and other digestive juices were added, before the food was further crunched before entering the small, then large intestine (we used tights for this). It then entered the bowel, before leaving the body as poo.

On Thursday, we learnt about food chains…we created our own and even became a food chain ourselves!

Tomorrow, we’re learning about nutrition…what fun will unfold?…


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