Roman Numerals

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This week, Year 5 have been improving their understanding of reading and writing Roman numerals. Back in Ancient Rome, people didn’t use the digits 0-9 like we do; instead, they used symbols like I to mean 1 and X to mean 10. Different combinations of letters represented other numbers, but there was no symbol at all for 0!

As well as recognising Roman numerals up to 1000 (and beyond!), we’ve been applying our understanding of them by doing Roman numeral calculations, comparing numerals and even looking at gravestone carvings written in Roman numerals to find out how many years people lived! Some of us were also challenged to make a timeline of key events in British history over the past 1000 years, with the  dates written in Roman numerals – it was fun to work together to choose which events to put on the timeline, and good practice for writing Roman numerals too.

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