Puzzle Solving in Year 5

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In one Maths lesson this week, we did two fun activities involving the 100 square. For the first one, we had to imagine a starting number on the 100 square in our heads and follow our partner’s instructions as they told us move from the starting number indifferent compass directions. For example, start with the number 45. Go north three squares, west two squares then south east six  squares. Can you work out which number you’d end up on?

For the next activity, we had a hundred square cut up into jigsaw-like pieces, which we had to put back together again. The challenging part was that the numbers were all written in code! By looking at patterns in the symbols we were eventually able to crack the code and piece the 100 square back together again. Like the first activity, it really relied on us having a good understanding of what the 100 square looks like!

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