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Europe received a call from Pizza Express! The children helped with pizza orders and worked out equivalent fractions so that the pizzas could be divided up appropriately for customers! Some children learnt how to simplify fractions too.

The children embedded their learning by applying it to problems. Some children chose to create their own fraction walls, by deciding upon a length for a ‘whole’, e.g. 1 metre, and then using their 4 operations, measures and problem solving to create the other fractions for the wall. Children also converted measures from m to cm, mm and learnt to round numbers to 2 decimal places, and recurring numbers in the process.

Some super learning whereby the children developed their ‘Learning 2 Learn’ – Building Learning Power skills in the process. They were reciprocal to collaborate, resourceful to capitalise upon their prior learning and problem solving, resilient to see the challenge through to the end, and reflective to distil their new fractions understanding. Top learning Europe – well done!

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