Hour of Code

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This week, children all over the world are taking part in a fantastic initiative called the ‘Hour of Code’.

It is supported by countless organisations (Such as Scratch and Computing At School) and celebrities, including the founder of Facebook and the President of the United States!

It’s open to any child anywhere, but works best when hosted by a teacher at their school. This afternoon, year 3 and 4 did their Hour of Code (although we had to squeeze it in to 40 mins!).

Mr Wickins, who is a Master Teacher in Computer Science for Computing at Schools, introduced us all to the Hour of Code, and we loved it! There were lots of different activities to choose from depending on your level of programming and the kind of themes you liked.


For example,  you could choose a programming tutorial similar to Scratch using Anna and Elsa from Frozen, or the popular game Angry Birds. If you are comfortable and confident using Scratch, there are also tutorials in programming languages like JavaScript and Python.

We all had so much fun learning to code, it was great and sometimes really challenging!

Mr Wickins says that we can even do the Hour of Code activities at home! The link is here, but please ask an adult before you click (Highfield School are not responsible for the content of third party websites).

http://uk.code.org/ – Then click on ‘Tutorials’.

If you want to do more, here is the link to ‘Scratch’ – http://scratch.mit.edu/

Have fun Coding!





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