History Learning in Year 5

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On Friday 21st November, Year 5 went to the Portsmouth D-Day museum. First, we had a talk from a lady. She showed us real World War II items such as, gas masks, helmets, toys and clothes. We also learnt that food had to be rationed (this means you’re only allowed to get a certain amount of food each day). Next we saw an overload embroidery. It was only an embroidery but it told the complete story of D-day. We were fascinated!

Year 5 have also been doing a turning points history project. We had to decide the most significant turning in British history. We came up with lots of different ideas, such as the Great Fire of London, D-day, and The English Civil War. Then, we collaborated in groups to create posters and models about the chosen topic. We did this because we knew about a week later there would be a time for us to present our information to parents and to the rest of the junior department. This was a hard task as we were not only competing against our classmates but also the Year 6s. Whichever turning point the parents thought was the most significant, after going round each group, they would vote for that one. It was a tough competition!

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