Minpins Day

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Year 3/4 came to school today looking somewhat different, as we celebrated our half term’s Literacy unit of stories with a familiar setting – The Minpins, by Roald Dahl. Some were dressed as Minpins, complete with suction boots, some were monsters, some the swan that Billy took flight on, some as the forest setting.

We had a wonderful day which started as we lived through our very own ‘action sequence’…a hurricane. The children built suspense and created tension, followed by a ‘chase’ for their character through the almighty hurricane, which linked also to our ‘Science in the News’ learning of Hurricane Bertha.

The three classes then merged to engage in a variety of activities. They applied their Computing learning on Algorithms as they created their very own iPad game using ‘Hopscotch’ to show Billy defeating the Gruncher. They also applied their art learning as they created character bookmarks, drawing faces using proportion and scale. Finally, they engaged in drama, as they relived the story of The Minpins from start to finish, including the almighty climax as Billy fled the vicious Gruncher to sound effect of Massorsky’s ‘Night on Bald Mountain’.

What a day, and what a half term of superb learning in Yr3/4. A big thank you to parents for all of your support this half term, and our fantastic teaching team for your hard work in creating such memorable and rich learning experiences for the children.

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