Let’s Rock!

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Africa have been looking at different types of rock. In fact, we have been rock detectives! What type of rocks we can see around us, what they are used for and what happens to them over time, are just some of the questions we’ve been answering using our observation skills.

We’ve been down to have a look at Highfield Church, because just be looking at the outside of the building, you can see so many different types of rock, all with a different properties and  purposes.

Some rock is softer and can be carved into shape to outline doors and windows; to make it look beautiful because it is a sacred place.

Some of the stone bricks were different, we deduced that this might be because different parts of the building were built in different time periods.

We even found shingle and shells in the cement between the stones, probably from Southampton’s shoreline, before the docks were built!

We looked very closely at some of the walls that looked like they had been damaged, and talked about how this might have happened due to the weather over the years.

We are so lucky to have a building this old to walk to and examine!





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