Sequence creation in Year 5

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For the last few days, Year 5 have been improving their sequencing skills in Maths. We have been continuing 4-digit sequences that go from one hundred to another, both forward and back, and solving tricky puzzles where we had to make three different sequences after being given all the numbers jumbled up – without knowing what they counted up in! Some of us have also been practising fraction sequences, and learning how to work out the missing numbers in the middle of a sequence.  Others have been using cubes to build famous sequences such as the triangle number sequence: 1, 3,  6, 10, 15, 21, 28…. We finished the week by creating our own sequences out of cubes – they had to be easy to follow, but they could have jumps that stayed the same each time, or that increased, like triangle numbers. This gave us a great opportunity to be creative and work as a team!

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