Outdoor Shape Work in Year 5

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Yesterday in maths, we were learning about lines of symmetry on irregular and regular shapes. The lesson was based both outside and inside. Inside we had a sheet with some regular and irregular shapes on, and a table. We had to fill out the table with how many corner-to-corner, side-to-side and corner-to -side lines of symmetry there were in each shape. We looked at the patterns in what we found and predicted  where the lines of symmetry for nonagons and decagons would go between. Outside we learned three ways to identify a regular shape:

  • Equal angles
  • Equal sides
  • Same number of lines of symmetry as sides

Also, we used string to mark out the lines of symmetry on the shapes painted in the playground. We also created a nonagon and decagon using meter sticks, to test the theories we made earlier. All in all, we had a really fun time, and learned a lot!

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