Hello from Julia Donaldson!

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Last year, we wrote to Julia Donaldson as part of our literacy unit on our favourite authors. Guess what, she wrote back!

She sent us a fantastic set of stickers and a catalogue of all of her fabulous books. Not only that, but she wrote us a lovely letter answering some of our questions.

Julia Donaldson writes…

Dear Year 3,

It was lovely to get your very well-written letters. I’m so glad you’ve been enjoying my books.

To answer just a few of your questions:

  • My longest book, “Running on the cracks” has 333 pages!
  • The books sell best in the UK, but also very well in Germany and quite a lot of other countries. They are not so well known (yet!) in America.
  • My only series of older books is the one about Princess Mirror-Belle (There are 3 books about her).
  • I don’t really have a routine, each day is different!

More answers on my website, www.juliadonaldson.co.uk.

I hope you enjoy the stickers!

Love Julia Donaldson

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