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If your child is starting school in September 2021 APPLY HERE

Covid update of Highfield CoE Admissions-Policy-2021

Covid updated Highfield CoE SIF 2021

The current and future Admissions Policies can be found here:

Admissions-Policy – 2021

Admissions-Policy – 2022


Waiting Lists

Currently at Highfield CE Primary school there are active waiting lists for all years.

If you request your child to be placed on a waiting list, their place is allocated in accordance with the admission criteria for the school.  Once on the list, the position will not remain static but will move up or down the list in accordance with children being offered a place who are above your child or new children being added to the list ie if a sibling is added to the list your child is on and your child does not have sibling status that would automatically place that child above your child on the list.

As soon as a place becomes available we will (with approval from Admissions Governors) offer that out by telephone or email to the first person on the list.

Admission Appeals

If you are unsuccessful in gaining a place for your child at this school you will be informed in writing, be given reasons and informed of your right to an independent appeal against the decision.




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